How to write a lesson plan?

The reflection of lesson plan is designed to reflect on ways that the lesson might be improved. Below are some areas that might be considered, but you are not limited to these questions alone, in writing the lesson reflection. You are encouraged to consider other aspects of the lesson or of students’ understanding of the lesson in your reflection.

How effectively did the lesson involve students in reasoning and problem solving? Explain.
What changes could you make to encourage more student reasoning and problem solving?
What signs of active engagement did you notice in your students? Explain. Give examples.
What changes could you make to encourage more active engagement?
How effectively did you allow students to figure out their solutions? Explain. Give examples.
How effective were you in allowing students to demonstrate their knowledge or explain their
reasoning? Explain. Give examples.
Did the instructional materials support the learning objective? Explain. What changes in materials or in their usage might encourage deeper student understanding?
What parts of the lesson were challenging to students? What was the source of students’ difficulties? How did you handle these situations? How might you more effectively handle these challenges if you taught the lesson again?
Was the timing of the lesson appropriate? Explain. What changes might be made?
Was your lesson effective for students with special needs? How might you more effectively
address special needs if you taught the lesson again?
Did the closure help students to consolidate their knowledge? Explain.
What changes in closure might be indicated?
Were you able to teach the lesson as you had planned it?
Did you use any adaptations to the lesson? Why?
What other adaptations might you make if you taught the lesson again?

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