The Use of Data Logger


Hi all!

Now, I want to share with all of you about data logger.
Do you know what the data logger is?
What are its function and why we have to use it?
What it can do in the teaching and learning process in school?

Well..actually, those question were also cross in my mind when my lecturer Dr. Sopia, tell us about the R.I (rancangan instruktur) or instructor planner which asked us to learn about the Data Logger.

Data Logger is an equipment used in experiment, which it can give us more accurate reading, help us doing the experiment easier and let us get more readings up to 100,000; which is impossible to get manually. This data logger also help us to do the experiment repeatedly and save our time. Using this equipment, students can do an experiment without wasting their time in obtaining the result because the data logger will help them to take the data and plot the graph.
There are many types of sensor that can connect to the data logger such as pulse sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pH sensor and etc.

When doing an experiment, the data logger will be use to take the data. When the experiment is done, the data logger will be connect to the computer to print out the data and graph. Hence, we can get more readings and more plotting in the same graph.
Using this data logger is much much more easier to teachers and students in doing the experiment and lacking the error (ralat) of the data.

As for me, using the data logger is easier and save time. Furthermore, this can help teacher to use the time while obtaining the data with something else like question&answer session or quizzes. Technology nowadays is very easy and make the teaching and learning is better.

that is the data logger.. :)


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