Simulation and Modelling While Teaching in Class


Hi everyone!
Now i'm in ICT Lab. This is the 13th weeks for us as a Biology student in UPSI for this semester (3rd semester). Last week, we had learn about 'simulation and modelling' in teaching. This is very important as a teacher where we have to know how to attract the student to learn and how to make them enjoy while learning in class.

When I was in school, sometimes my teacher (especially my Biology teacher, Cikgu Faridah Akma =] ) will show us a video to make us interested to involve in class. She asked us to watch the video and what the video was about. Personally, I really like this way of learning because it help me to understand the topics and make the learning session is more interesting. =)

For today task, we have to present the 'simulation and modelling' to Miss Siti Shamsiah before we present it in front the class.
Credit to Azlina because she got the best video and modelling to show.
I hope this may help us to teach someday..

the class is going to dismiss..
Bye all !~


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