Interactive White Board


Good morning everyone!

Now I want to share with all readers about Interactive White Board or IWB.
Do you know what is the IWB?
IWB is one of the most interesting new things that I had found in UPSI. It is so interesting to learn and use it. It looks like the normal white board but the difference is that this white board is connected to the computer or laptop and hand friendly.

My first impression while listening to my lecturer, P.M Dr. Sopia, about the IWB, I feel like "Wow! It's so interesting.." :)

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Lab Bestari..we learn ICT here..

Why do we have to learn about the IWB?
Well, this question was also keep remind in my mind when I was 1st listening about it. According to Dr., all of us (Biology student Sem3) have to use the IWB while present in this class (class ict). We have to benefit the IWB as long as we are in the class. When 1st time using the IWB, it's quite awkward for me to handle it because I'm still learning and trying to use it better. But now, it's like as easy as ABC ! (even sometimes something wrong was happen.hehe.) ;)

This IWB function as the touch screen hand phone in the market. We can just do whatever we want by using our hand; touching the IWB and do whatever we want. Yes, it's mean that, our hand is the mouse !
Interesting right? :)

see..just touch the screen and do whatever you want..

All along while using the gadget, I was really enjoy to use it. Even sometimes it's quite difficult to control, but it's fun.
For my opinion, using the IWB can help teacher to attract the students to involve in teaching and learning session and make them enjoy the learning. Plus, the usage of the IWB can gives teacher to present more interesting slide which is better than using the powerpoint. Hence, using the IWB was made me proud because we are the 1st batch of degree students who use this costly aid gadget! :D


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