Hi everyone..

Okay, now I would like to share with all of you about CamStudio.
Definitely, all of you can understand what it is, right?
This must be something media that involve the camera right?

do you really know what the CamStudio is?
And, why we use this media in teaching and lerning?

Well, I've learn about this CamStudio in my ICT class from Mr. Junaidi. He teach us from start on how to download the CamStudio, how to use and control it, also, how it can help in teaching and learning.

This CamStudio is not really difficult to learn because it is easy to control and easy to understand the function of the buttons and others. By using this CamStudio, we can make video about tutorial, simulation and online learning by taking the video of what we do on computer. As for teachers, they can make a simulation about topics that they want to teach and have the online learning in class.

The unique features of using this CamStudio is that we can make video with or without sound, fix the area where we want to take, take a video from what we do on computer and pause or stop the video we take where ever we want.
Personally, I really like this CamStudio and I hope that this technology can help me while teaching in school someday..I also hope that this CamStudio can improve my way of teaching in school and atrract the students to involve in class.

Ok, bye !~

p/s: if you want to understand more about this IWB, click here.


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