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I am a Biology student of Sultan Idris University of Education. I am in 3rd semester (2nd year) now. For this semester, all of the Biology student had to take TBC 3033 (ICT in Biology) which asked us to learn about the usage of technology in teaching and learning in school. This course is new for us as we were taught about a new technology which is known as Interactive White Board (IWB), data logging, simulation and modelling, Picasa 3, CamStudio and E-Portfolio. Those things are very new to us as we haven't use those technology before. It is very interesting when learning about those topics because I love to explore about that.

Interactive White Board (IWB) is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. A projector projects the computer's desktop onto the board's surface, where users no need to control at the computer but using hand! When first day entering the class, we had introduce to the IWB by our lecturer, P.M. Dr. Sopia and it was the first time I heard and saw the IWB. I think the IWB is interesting as I can control the computer by clicking and touching on the board using finger, a pen or other device without using the mouse.

Furthermore, we had learn about the Picasa 3, a program where we can edit and decorate pictures and movies, create collages and share those things with others in our own PicasaWeb. I really like this program as it is very easy to use and very user friendly. I can create a movie just clicking on a button and the movie is created! I also like this program because I can sharpen my skill in editing pictures because I like it very much. Before learn about this Picasa3, I always finding any programs that can be easily editing pictures because it is quite difficult to edit pictures using Adobe Photoshop. So that, when learn about Picasa, I really fall in love with it and I start promote it to my friends as it is very easy.

Then, we had learn about CamStudio which is not really difficult to learn because it is easy to control and easy to understand the function of buttons and how to make a shortcut. By using this CamStudio, we can make video about tutorial, simulation and online learning by taking the video of what we do on computer. As for teachers, they can make a simulation about topics that they want to teach and have the online learning in class. The unique features of using this CamStudio is that we can make video with or without sound, fix the area where we want to take, take a video from what we do on computer and pause or stop the video we take where ever we want. But, it is quite lack because we do not have any chance to use it in class because we just learn how to use it and fix the function.

Hence, we had learn about the data logging which is act as an equipment that used in experiment, which it can give us more accurate reading, help us doing the experiment easier and let us get more readings up to 100,000; which is impossible to get manually. This data logger also help us to do the experiment repeatedly and save our time. Using this equipment, students can do an experiment without wasting their time in obtaining the result because the data logger will help them to take the data and plot the graph. There are many types of sensor that can connect to the data logger such as pulse sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pH sensor and others.

Besides, we learn about simulation and modelling. This is very important as a teacher where we have to know how to attract the student to learn and how to make them enjoy while learning in class. We have to present the simulation and modelling that we got from internet sources in front of the class by using the IWB. Hence, we have to show how to teach the students by using the simulation and modelling method and see the reflection of the students while learning from that. This way of teaching can help teachers to attract the student's attention and make them involve in class.

This E-Portfolio is one of the coursework that we had to do. E-Portfolio had teach me on how I can blogging and sharing my assignments, courseworks, pictures, videos and opinions with people around the world. I had learn on how to create a good and attractive page which then can make readers stay on my page and keep reading my posting.

Last but not least, I hope that these technology can help me while teaching in school someday. I also hope that those things that I had learn in this semester, can improve my way of teaching in school and attract the students to involve in class, soon.

"A great teacher today, create a great man some day."


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