This video is about my family.
My father's name is Abdul Latiff bin Mat Lazim. My mother's name is Suriati@Suriani bt Shamsuddin. She had passed away since I was in standard three. Then, my father was remarried with my mother, Shakinah bt Abu Hassan the next year after my mom died. I love them very much.

I have 11 siblings;
1st~ Abdullah Sani (single)
2nd~ Amalina (married with Mohd Faizal)
3rd~ Muhammad 'Abid (will married this 22nd of November 2009)
4th~ Muhammad Ihsan (single)
5th~ Muhammad Fatih (single)
6th~ me..Siti Aishah (single)
7th~ Fathinatul Husna (single)
8th~ Abdul Somad (single)
9th~ Muhammad 'Irfan (still young)
10th~ Abdullah Fahim (still young)
11th~ Nurul Huda (still young)

May ALLAH bless us all..


~Interesting Facts~