Plant Physiology Project

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Hi everyone...
This movie is about my plant physiology project which I had done during this 3rd semester. Well, it is quite tough because we had to face many difficulties and uneasy things. But then, we were very thankful as we got support from Prof. Dr. Supli Effendi. Even we are not his real student, he still did his best to help us finding the materials such as the plants, basins, and drain water.

He brought us with his car up to Sg. Besar, Selangor, gave us some advise and gave money support as he was done the experiment before. We asked for his help as our lecturer, Dr. Hasimah, was recommended him because he knows about the project clearly.

Thus, this experiment is one of unforgetable moments in my life because I have to play with the drain water, having an unpleasant smell and travel far from Tg. Malim. Even those are quite disgusting but it is too exciting! =)
I really enjoy doing this project and HOPEFULLY the carry mark will HIGHER..


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